How can you get most out of this program?

How can you get most out of this program?

This is always in the minds of presenters, instructional designers, and any L&D (Learning and Development) person when they provide any type of knowledge transfer activity.

Here’s an idea: At the start of each class, one of the simplest instructions we give to our learners are the following:

1. This is YOUR course and its success depends on your participation
2. Say what you THINK
3. Enter into the discussion ENTHUSIASTICALLY
4. BE PATIENT with other participants
5. GIVE FREELY of your experience
6. APPRECIATE another point of view
7.  COLLABORATE, CO-CREATE and INNOVATE using all your senses.
8.  Remember, that we learn most when EVERYONE enjoys the class together.

You can put this at the back of each of your student’s name tent so they remember the foundational tenets for your class management or have it posted (laminated maybe?) somewhere in the classroom.

What do you tell your students to create a safe haven for learning, knowledge sharing, and collaboration?

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