Break up with your TV already

It almost always the same ..

Nights have gotten colder. Days definitely shorter. You’ve fallen in love with your TV since no one wants to go outside anyway. Well, you do, don’t you? There’s more people at the gym this time around. There’s more people at church this time around. There’s less shopping and more frugality. There’s more effort to be better at oneself. Have you noticed it yet?

So what do you do? First break up with your TV, then we’ll talk activities. Why? Christine Kane had a slew of reasons but ultimately, because it’s better for you.  On average, we’re seeing shows like the Amazing Race, Dr. Who, Glee, The Daily Show, 30 Rock, and a barrage of cop shows, reality shows, design shows, scifi shows, comedy shows, etc. for about 34 hours per person per week. That’s 1768 hours of staring at your TV per year!

There’s a lot of educational shows you can learn from but unless you are a career coach potato, hopefully you have other passions. With that in mind, what are you going to do if you cut just 120 min of your TV viewing pleasure each day? Eckhart Tolle once said that “While (TV) provides some relief from your mind, you pay a high price: loss of consciousness.” Ironically, there’s an Eckhart Tolle TV now! So instead of reading into guru’s words, just try doing something else other than watching TV for a week and see if its worth the shift. If not, you can always get your nachos and guacamole dip and watch the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars.

So why am I talking about this on this leadership, training, social learning blog? Let me ask you this? Do you seem to be watching TV while at work? Instead of actively participating in the goings-on at your office, does it feel more like a daily grind than a daily opportunity to showcase your passions? Then maybe its time to try a little break. Do a bit of something you really like to do that you can weave into your work and hopefully you have leaders who will see your other talents – which can then be leveraged for other parts of the organization if not within your own team turning you into a hero and getting you to do more of what you like to do than what you have to do.

Here’s an example – you may have a passion for helping others. You’ve volunteered at a new immigrant program in your community to assist in getting them acclimated to our country’s corporate climate. That passion can turn into a program that your company offers which in turn increases its client loyalty as they see how connected your company is to the community’s emerging new workforce. This can then snowball into becoming a new talent stream for the company itself that also lends into an increase in diversity of thought amongst its ranks. Accolades can come from human rights organizations to culture/lifestyle specific governing bodies. This can translate into more clients, more hires will follow and with good fortune, this in turn will help the community’s economy. A nice ecosystem of positive throughput from a single passion for helping others. That would not have happened if that individual never left staring at the corporate TV.

Here’s my challenge to you –

Pick one of your many passions that you can somehow incorporate into your work day with an effort of about 30 minutes per day. Do this for a month or two and do a bit of “selling” and “socializing” of this productive and possibly work enhancing activity to your company  – if it works, great for you. If it doesn’t try another passion. Hopefully a good leader will seize this opportunity to collaborate with you in bringing this forth to upper management for further consideration much like our quick anecdote above. But if after three strikes, then maybe this is not the organization for you as you will just continue to watch your corporate TV after all of that.

Doable challenge? I think so.

Share your successes on this below today.

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