How to create team cohesiveness with a simple activity

The other night, my management team and I went to paint pottery at a local shop in the city. Everyone, like yourself, has become quite more busy in the last couple of months, right? Toronto Life even featured an article on this. So what did I do? I brought my management team to an activity-based offsite. It was quite easy to plan this event as all the materials were at the store. I did ask if its possible to have dinner here and they said yes so a couple of clicks from and voila! instant event.

I did want to make sure though that the item we choose to paint was something we can use at the office – so plates, cups, and other similar items were considered. In history-building with your team, you want a memento that places good feelings to the event that just happened, so make sure you choose an item that is portable, utilitarian, always-available, and can be viewed by others. One way to integrate a team and have that feeling of oneness is when other’s perception of exclusivity is announced; the key is to determine if your team would be humble enough to acknowledge but at the same time also welcome new members. Without those two points, the oneness will be perceived as snobbiness or worst, a ‘have-have not’ situation which is not acceptable.

So my suggestion is to create the event, enable team history-building, but voice out boundaries of what this event means so that when asked, everyone in the team knows the messaging around reasoning for the event in the first place without filling in gaps that may be perceived as something other than its original intent – to integrate the team and create a cohesive, highly productive, group of experts producing and delivering products and services to their clients.

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