Book Review: Learning and Talent Development by Stewart & Rigg, 2011

I just submitted to the Journal of European Industrial Training my review on the latest book by Jim Stewart and Clare Rigg entitled Learning and Talent Development (2001) published by the CIPD House.

My Book Synopsis: This is a Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) book so the focus is CIPD certification related. The main goals of this book are fourfold: (a) learning concepts aligned to the CIPD Learning and Talent Development certification module, (b) theories that inform the HRD practice, (c) act as an academic resource, and (d) “support a critically informed examination of the theory and practice of HRD/learning and talent development” (p.4).


With the onset of new CIPD advanced-level qualification program, it is important to understand the background, theoretical models, practical uses, challenges, and opportunities that the new “learning and talent development” module is trying to achieve. This book will assist in that process as well as be a resource for those preparing to write their qualification for this module.


This thirteen-chapter book is structured like an academic book divided into three parts: (1) nature, purpose, context (2) process, and (3) management of learning and talent development. The authors captured six learning outcomes starting with critical analysis and evaluation opportunities when identifying learning strategies, learning as it relates to policy development, training intervention cycle, key partner collaboration, influencing politics of learning environments, and commitment to ethical and professional practices.

For my evaluation of this book, please click here –> Yap30Review-Learning and Talent Development 2011

Learning and Talent Development, by Jim Stewart & Clare Rigg. London: CIPD House, 2011, 378 pages, £36.54 ($59.65), Paperback. ISBN: 978-1-84398-250-0

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