Hire and Develop your Boss

Someone asked me the other day how I develop my managers and I said I hire and develop people who will not just be my successors but also my boss. Let’s face it, we’re not going to be this fabulous leader forever and what better way to make sure our legacy is carried on but to hire those who understands our thinking, align to our corporate vision, share our business goals, and then have the capability to further evolve it to the next level as we step back and see the fruits of our hard work continue to flourish?

In my one-on-one developmental coaching meetings with my direct reports, who are managers with their own teams, we discuss opportunities for stretch and double-stretch activities that align to their aspirations. We determine, act upon, then debrief on lessons learned from activities taken-on.

For your 1:1 developmental coaching meetings, reflect on the leadership characteristics that resonate with your staff. Fundamentally you’d like to determine if they are initiators or implementers. Do they like to build new processes? products? procedures? Are they interested in what has not been done before? How are they finding creative ways to resolve challenging decision-making activities with a broad lens? How are they looking at their current situations that is both local and global to engage a connection with their work network and continually integrate world-class perspective from industry sources?  How are they showing their passion for what they are doing along the way? How are they bringing in a more global perspective to their work structures? How do they decisioning complex enterprise-wide issues?

In looking at your organizational compliment you need a balance of initiators and implementers. Initiators normally would further your corporate vision, move your corporate ship towards your idea of what your future would be, and provide the measurements to determine incremental successes. Your implementers compliment your initiators. They will enact strategies which will continually lay the foundation for your initiators and provide a necessary historical trend to continually engage your employee-base. The challenge is how much of which type of leadership would you need at a particular point in time in your corporate history to ensure that your organization continue to be forward-focused?

What steps are you taking to develop your team? Share your thoughts here.

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