10 Simple Steps to less Outlook 2010 Mistaken Sent Files

This might have happened to you: You accidentally sent a message to someone and said “Uh Oh! I shouldn’t have sent that!” then you had to recall the message?!  There’s a way to have a 3 minute (or whatever number of minutes you want) delay in ALL your sent files before they actually get sent to the recipient!

 10 Simple Steps to Less Outlook Ooops!

  1. Go to the Tools menu Rules and Alerts
  2. Click on New Rule
  3. Click Start From a Blank Rule
  4. Highlight Check Messages After Sending, then click Next.  NOTE: DO NOT select any checkboxes showing, then click Next
  5. Click “Yes” from the dialog box asking if this applies to all messages
  6. Select the last checkbox – Defer delivery by “xx” minutes
  7. Under Step 2 that now shows, click on “number of minutes”
  8. Edit number of minutes you would like the delay to last (suggested delay 3 minutes), Click OK (your choice will replace “a number of minutes” from Step 2) then click Next. OPTIONAL: Decide if you want an exception – Some use “Importance” to have emails go immediately
  9. Name your rule – I called mine “3 minute delay”
  10. Click “Finish”

You you’ve given yourself enough time to make sure that what you are sending is really what you’d like to send…. and less Uh Oh’s!

For visual instructions – click here

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