Happy New Year..how's that resolution going for you?

myspaceIt’s been two weeks since New Year. What’s your update on your resolutions? Still too early to see if it sticks? One of my resolutions is to add more music in my life. As I was listening to GrooveShark, I got a link from a colleague to check out Justin’s new single on.. MySpace. Huh? MySpace, really?! I had to check it out since for a  moment in the early social networks timeline, it was THE go to social network until the music and awful themes clouded everything else. Now it’s taking on SpotifyiHeartRadio and the like.. or Pandora  if you’re in the US, Australia, or New Zealand. The reimagined version is really good and it’s not on beta anymore so anyone can (re)join. Now I wonder where the free licensed music is located so I can incorporate this my training projects. Hey Justin? Where is it?

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