Which would you choose? Feeling response or Productivity response

Animal_Full_HD_Wallpapers_laba.wsComing back from Asia, my sleeping patterns always seem to be out of whack. I know, I’ve heard the mom’s give me remedies (which I dutifully followed) and the medical remedies (which I dutifully swallowed), but my circadian rhythm needs 1-2 weeks to adjust. So nothing works.

When you match this with multiple out-of-town trips, then it really gets all confused. That said, you will get emails from me at 2:00 am or hear me say “I need a nap” at 10:30 am and 4:00 pm.

So here’s a question for you – when I mentioned this casually to two vendors I work with I got two sets of responses.

  1. So you must be able to do a lot of work since it’s quiet at 1:00 am and you have all the time to be productive.
  2. Oh dear, are you ok now? I’ve experienced this as well whenever I travel abroad and I can tell you, this remedy works… (and proceeds to provide the instructions to the remedy).

I wondered how this would sound if a leader said this to a team member. Would one sound obtuse?  Would two sound caring? Would you get “likes” on your leadership style check box if you say one or the other? Would having similar personality types between team member and leader make one or the other response just seem like regular conversation?

I was too sleepy to think about this when I heard it but now that it’s 3:00 am, I can post this and ask you what you think. Post your thoughts on this below in the comments section. What would you have wanted someone to say to you?

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