Are you an integrator of your social feeds or not?

unfriendSomeone from my network complained quite publicly that he doesn’t want to see feeds from Twitter integrated into Facebook. He even questioned why someone would integrate YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram feeds into their Facebook feeds. That said, he said he will unfriend people in his network if they continue to do this. Interestingly though, in the same breath, he said to candidates looking for a job at his company – he would much rather see someone with an integrated feed so he only looks at one repository of feeds rather than many to determine that person’s fit to his company.

Thus lies the challenge. To integrate or not to integrate? What would you do?

People integrate feeds for many reasons. Time, brand, holistic view of that persona, laziness, whatever.  I integrate my Twitter to Facebook because what I would say on Twitter, I would say on Facebook at the same time so instead of double posting, an integrated feed makes sense to me. I’ve had students ask for links to reading materials on Twitter, for example, then some of my friends would want similar links on Facebook, so again, instead of the extra effort, why not integrate the two.

People don’t integrate feeds because they have different networks for different purposes. Facebook for friends. LinkedIn for professional colleagues. Twitter for public consumption. Pinterest for close friends. YouTube for their beer buddies. Whatever the reasons may be, disintegrated feeds have a place in the social sphere as well.

Are you an integrator or not? I’m a blend of both. My flickr, Google+, Pinterest, SlideShare,  YouTube, and other channels are not integrated because I see those as having a different purpose than my Twitter/Facebook feeds/status. I would only link these other social sites’ feeds if a specific topic (or image) makes a holistic sense to link them to some other form of media. What I find important is for colleagues, friends, family within your circles to know why and how you are using your social feeds. Without it, unnecessary drama happens. When your connections don’t know how your using your social feeds, they may presume inaccurately… and may even  inadvertently delete you from their friends list.

So would you integrate your feeds or not? Do post your comments below or ping me on Twitter or post it on YouTube or SlideShare or DM me on LinkedIn…. well, I’m someone in the ether, find me. 

We’ll talk about corporate social pages at another time..

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