Are you going Gay-for-Pay this weekend?

prideprideIs your company going Gay-for-Pay this weekend because it’s Pride Month? This weekend is the culmination of pride events this month filled with parties and millions of people projected to visit Toronto, New York, San Francisco … ergo dollars? With the live streaming of these events, more eyeballs are expected to see corporate branding around the globe.

One notices very quickly that companies who normally would not have the rainbow flag (or a stated diversity credo) would be flaunting it like it’s their core tenet only to get a potential customer’s attention (and precious dollar) this weekend. It amazes me how the driver for what is a regular day for the LGBTTIQQ2SA community is a quick revenue generation opportunity.

I think it’s important for organizations to look more closely at their Diversity and Inclusiveness initiatives and think about opportunities for incorporating what is truly part of their strategic vision that is pervasive throughout that organization’s calendar year rather than just a specific month; IF this is really their intent. TD Bank, for example, has incorporated this into their regular campaign. This along with countless apparel, hospitality, food and beverage industry companies from Google  to Ben and Jerry and Absolut have been at the forefront of letting the world know their policies. Just check the latest HRC corporate equality index for a list of companies. Of course when an important stance is needed, one will see the same organizations  standing up for their customer’s rights.

So as we close this Pride month’s celebrations, I encourage you to think about the organizations who are waving the rainbow flag at the parades today – Are they really celebrating with the LGBTTIQQ2SA community or just enticing them to come into their stores for this weekend’s forecasted uptick on their sales?

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