Don't be a Grazlax, it's Clean-Up Canada Day

grazlaxHappy Canada Day!

It’s Canada Day today and what better way to honour the unity of three colonies into one country than to clean up one’s cluttered environment.

This can be cleaning up one’s inbox, one’s closet of old clothes, one’s messy workspace, or in my case, today is a good time to clean up thousands (how about 24k) of spam comments on my blog.

Akismet must have been having a difficult time on my blog because spammers decided to be members/subscribers and bypassed Akismet altogether. I wonder how they’ve bypassed Captcha?  They had human acting robots now? I have to research that some more. I may be doing something wrong with my settings which I have to fix quickly otherwise this spam issue will spawn like the Grazlax.

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