Why We Should Remember (And You Should, Too!)

remember-brainA series of projects, events, and other activities have prevented me from posting on Yap 3.0 for quite awhile now although I’ve not stopped being out there at conferences like here here, here, here, and on Twitter among other venues. I find myself thinking, in the larger scheme of things, does one’s value diminishes have a direct correlation to not being people’s top of mind due to being away from one social media channel though available in others?

Here’s lies the dilemma of having a presence in multiple social media channels. Not only is the average business person bombarded with inputs from many channels (online and offline), at this point, prioritization is now a morning ritual. How much time do you spend reorganizing your calendar to have an optimal day?

A year ago, the average Joey was in two social networks, do you still only belong to two social networks today? Facebook and Twitter for some. Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Flickr, Google+ and more for others. Most popular ones are listed here.

So how do you keep up to ensure being remembered? Why should people remember? We can talk about your brand at a future post. Post your thoughts in the comments.

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