Ok you can judge books by their cover..but only for today!



It’s October 31 and at 7am I see my Starbucks barista wearing a giant Starbucks cup for Halloween (much like the pictures on the left). She wobbles a bit because of the extra girth but everyone coming through those newly renovated glass doors smile as she greets them. For the most part, she knows everyone’s name and drinks and gets the line going quickly as she knows people are here to pick up their drink quickly and go about their business for the day. No time for chit chat.

This is a fun way to celebrate the day where everyone can be a bit goofy with their costumes and onlookers try to guess who they are. “And who are you as today?” I hear most people say. The costumes range from no effort “I’m a smelly bum today” to elaborate “I’m Elsa from Frozen.” (last one is a bit overdone and I will most likely see a lot of versions of it like Zombie Elsa, Drag Queen Elsa,  Zombie Drag Queen Elsa and more tonight at the Halloween Street fair).

elsaSo today, there’ll be a lot of judging … formal or otherwise. People are ready to YouTube, Instagram and Facebook #fail and #awesome costumes and those in between. But as my mom always says.. “I caution against judging the people themselves that wear those costumes lest you want to be judged as well.”

Costumes do bring some “fun” into the workplace. It eases tensions and enhances conviviality. Yes there may be parameters that you want to ensure (no bikini costumes, no body parts, no whatever you can think but yes to playful tagging of current media characters, tv shows/movies, etc). So have a costumed workplace today. Amazing what you will find from the creative minds of your team.

Have a great Halloween!


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