BTS of the Yap with Dr. Yap show

Behind-the-Scenes (BTS)…

In thinking about how I can contribute to pushing the boundaries of our learning field further by providing a platform for thinking differently as well as determining innovative and new ways of learning, I’ve initially thought of having a panel of senior leaders discussing about their world views on their big challenges and how they are addressing these with the audiences they impact.

I connected with Rob Pearson from the Institute for Performance and Learning to determine his interest. With his rousing support, we were off to a great start. I beta’d the idea with a select group of experts. Through blue sky discussions, we discovered not just themes of challenges that senior learning executives have been encountering but the innovative approaches we’ve implemented as well. There was a lot to discuss and share with learning professionals.

With Rob suggesting we create a podcast of the discussions, we gathered a new set of experts but the resulting product was mixed. The content was great as the panel had wonderful ideas to discuss but the logistics of getting a good product out became a bit of a challenge. We needed help.

With the Institute’s Director of Marketing, Jane Duffy,  on board with the idea and her newly hired storyteller,  Hailey Chan, providing post-production expertise, we now had the capability to create a good product. Maybe we move to a tv show instead of a podcast? So we explored that. In microlearning fashion, we were going to have short interviews. Now we needed a good name. Thanks to my spouse who came up with the title Yap with Dr. Yap we were ready to film. First stop, the Institute’s annual conference in Toronto, Canada at the Metro Convention Centre.

Who should we interview? We invited experts but also thought about crowdsourcing for an enhanced result. Everyone has valuable opinions. Maybe the idea of having senior experts will guide the discussions when we interview individuals who are executing on these directives.  Having two data points on the same learning solution will prove to be valuable information for all. So we embark on the interviews.

From this point onwards, you will see my show posts and BTS thoughts on the interviews, provide summaries and quick notes including show references. From conference keynote speakers and directors and partners of Fortune 500 companies to designers and instructors who provide their thoughts on where the industry is going, I’ll interview ’em all…. and it won’t all be serious conversations, along the way we’ll have some fun too.

I interviewed more than a dozen experts in the Learning and Development field at the Institute for Performance and Learning conference. A sneak peek of my interview with Britt Andreatta from / LinkedIn is below.

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