RSS in Plain English

Lee and Sachi created this easy to understand presentation on what RSS is about. Very cool!

There are two types of Internet users, those that use RSS and those that don’t. This video is for the people who could save time using RSS, but don’t know where to start.

3 comments to RSS in Plain English

  • You’re right. The copying and pasting can be a bit of challenge for some users.

  • Nice explanation. I am working on a presentation for a local business group and some of these ideas may go into it. In addition to online newsreaders people also have the options of “live bookmarks” and stand-alone pieces of software as well.

    I use Firefox most of the time and I rarely see xml pages like I used to but instead I am presented with a button to either subscribe as a live bookmark or add it to my separate reader which is currently Newsfire (I’m on a Mac). I lot of people will still freak out at the “copy the url” part but hopefully browsers will improve so that is less of any issues.