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RobinYap.comI’m an Organisational Strategist, I tell someone at the pre-Mesh Conference Third Tuesday Meetup at Live@Courthouse. Two thoughts come to mind as I was explaining what I do for a living: The importance of Introductions and Networking.

Introductions are first impressions. We were all trained to be at our best in any social setting especially when we are in unfamiliar grounds. By the time we’ve started preparing for our first job, we were taught to embody our elevator pitch not only for ease of delivery but also to instill passion in our next words after the pitch’s hook entices further querying.

Then the Networking begins. Although the US Small Business Administration’s definition of networking is in meeting and being met by people, it is more than that. York University’s Career Centre quoted Michelle Tullier’s definition of networking as cultivating relationships with others in a meaningful way so that you have people to turn to when you need information and support; a definition similar to Diane Darling’s, Networking Survival Guide. A definition that I adhere to. Networking events are catalysts for great relationships, not just in the office. I’ve become close friends with some of my contacts from similar Meetups in the US, Germany, Philippines, Malaysia, Mexico, and other countries. With social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Friendster, and many others, the opportunities to connect are abundant if not overwhelming at times.

So a strategy is important. Yes, have an elevator pitch, because after all, in the world of exponential shifts, attention spans have continually diminished. Instead of the usual 1-2 minute version that we were taught in business school, how about using’s 140 character limit as a guide just to get you practising in shortening your introductions to be on point. Have a balanced F2F and online networking strategy depending on what you do (or would like to pursue doing). I’ve added an entry on my Outlook calendar to ensure that I don’t spend the whole day online on social networks only to forget that I do have an offline life as well. Want an online alarm clock instead of your Outlook calendar? Click here

It’s now your turn to introduce yourselves and let’s network.

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