Get your A.C.T. online

This is the first time that I will be live blogging at a conference. Since I’ll be at the Adult Education Research Conference ( tomorrow, it will be my test. I normally take time to put my thoughts together before I post these long blog entries so it will be a slight shift for me.

One of the speakers (whose name escapes me right now) at last week’s technology conferences talked about A.C.T.:
Assess who is out there
Contribute to the Dialogue
Take Steps to Find your Entry

Assessment came to while I was attending the pre-conference meet and greet this afternoon, a comment by one tenured university professor struck a chord after I mentioned that I’ll be live blogging. She said “Academics will not blog because they want it to be perfect.” I mentioned that there are university professors who are bloggers as well (Chris Lottcomes to mind immediately). This is similar to a York University Linguistics professor I’ve spoken two weeks ago who also indicated a potential resistance by the academics. A point that strikes me as one of the reasons that prevent the scholar-practise bridge to be more pervasive. Resistance to change seems to be a common reason in first world countries when asked why they haven’t Contributed to the Dialogue. So maybe I thought showing that blogging is quite easy and helpful, this becomes an opportunity for those who may be resistant at first to see a potential opportunity to find their entry into the online discussions occurring every second.

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