AERC: Business Lunch Meeting

[delayed live blog as you already know]
Lunch was at the Rosario Student Lounge 3rd Floor Dining Hall which accomodated all 150 or so participants and organisers. This was a working lunch so we had to vote for the committee for next year as well as decide which location we’d be holding the 49th AERC. Imagine 49 yrs! St. Louis was the voted on location. Fun. Never been there. The presentation was actually funny because the head of the St. Louis delegation was funny, engaging, knew how to adjust the delivery mode by the tone of her voice, her colourful visuals, and of course, her demeanor which was very congenial that I was thinking she’d be a great social science prof at university. Of course her name escapes me as I write this.

There was a suggestion of bringing the conference to the UK and matching it with the Adult Education Association in Europe for the 50th Anniversary. That would be great but may be cost prohibitive to some members. Andre indicated that since this is an AERC event, maybe a USA location may be appropriate. I agree with this thinking as the other associations are supporting but not celebrating their 50th anniversary (yet) so it seems logical to have the session in the country of the celebrant association.

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