Is having an SEO strategy worth It?

Search Engine Strategies Conference 2007This is a question that a German based Global Hotel Chain Online Project Manager said as we found out that they don’t have an SEO strategy. Like a film reel, this was the actual exchange between Strategists (S) and Project Manager (PM) ~

S – In looking at Google Maps we found a location that indicated your hotel in the East Coast but it turns out to be a Mexican restaurant. And also we found that (further issues includes low page ranking, affiliate program not working properly, search engines picking up their sites, etc). We need to optimize your site so that this does not happen because you may have just lost x thousands of Euros after we’ve correlated this information with potential revenue.

PM – How would you optimize the website?

S – By having a Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) strategy.

PM – Is having an SEO strategy worth It?

S – Yes it is. And here are the ways to do it….. (further discussion ensued)

At the Search Engine Strategies Canada conference these last two days, I find myself wondering if the sessions are only focused on those who already know what SEO because there seems to be a focus on creating authorative linking campaigns as well as inclusion of influential bloggers in one’s search engine strategy but not much on the SEO basics.

Although I like the idea that the focus was more on content rather than technical needs of an optimized website, I do find that it is equally important to have a balance just because of my experience with this German client. As Rand indicated, the attendance was far greater with people with at least a year of experince in SEO/SEM. Maybe this is not the session for the SEO strategy newbie but with limited conferences in Canada compared to the USA, there is a need to think through the span of expertise (or lack thereof) of individuals coming into this industry so that they are as prepared as their counterparts down South in ensuring they address questions like the title of this blog entry.

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