Celebrating milestones

CIMG8736How do you celebrate employee milestones? Is it upon completion of projects? Is it by employment anniversary dates? Is it by team profits or individual performance goals and metrics? and How often do you celebrate milestones? At every occassion possible? At specific times of the year?

I thought of milestones today after reading Rick Turoczy’s 10k spam comments milestone posting; a milestone of reaching a certain level of net presence translated into the higher likelihood of one’s system of being attacked. Can a perceived negative (receiving spam) be turned into something positive (celebrate a milestone)?

While this could be viewed as a marketing spin, I think it can be used in understanding workplace perception. The questions to ask in this situation are as follows:

1. When management decides to celebrate an action (or inaction), what message are they sending?
2. When any stakeholder uses the “glass half full” perspective, how do you feel about that stakeholder?
3. Was the negative event really negative in the first place? Or just your own view of the situation?
4. Why would it be valuable to see the situation in both positive and negative light? What gain will you have with this information? How much time did it take you to read-through both sides of the situation? Do you do this in other situations in the workplace as well?

What is your perception of your own team and how they respond to potentially negative views of your organisation?

So …
1. Do you celebrate milestones?
2. How you celebrate milestones?
3. What kind of milestones are celebrated?

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