When hidden cameras capture human drama

pov.jpgAfter seeing the VIO employee hidden camera video of his heated discussion with the Delta Flight 5637 captain as he tries to discuss health and safety issues due to the flight’s delay (and eventual cancellation), I find myself wondering about HR policies and the need for consistent message across all levels of employees.

On the business side of the camera (VIO) company… the VIO link provided many benefits from this one event:
1. Provide David Ollila, VIO’s CEO, the opportunity to showcase his product (the Point-of-View or POV.1)
2. The perceived value of having a hidden camera and how it captures human drama (which can or cannot be used for legal purposes)
3. The ability to use this video as a selling point to sell a product (evokes that “well, I should have one with me as well so I capture events like this” feeling) not just for Justin.TV-like purpose but for events like being stranded on a plane for hours.

For an entrepreneur, the timing of this event was beautiful to say the least and this video emerged as a talking point not just for bloggers like PilotJohn and AOL’s video blog among others but has catapulted the video be viewed 335,389 with 189 comments and have been favored 22 times on YouTube alone – numbers an organisation would need a marketing budget to reach at such a short time (it’s only been a month).

So many questions come to mind:
1. Should we run around town with cameras trying to capture that human drama that fits our business model in the hopes of getting the same numbers as VIO?
2. What should we discuss with our employees when it comes to handling heated discussions (or any discussion for that matter) with clients since we may not know if they have a hidden camera attached to them or not? Changes the whole “I said/they said’ argument.
3. How do we address the various legalities involved in such events? On both sides of the camera. And legalities that cross countries since the videos can now be viewed anywhere in the globe.

What other questions come to mind that you can think of and what resolutions can you suggest?

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