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I’ve talked about leadership memes and tags awhile back and guess what? I’ve been tagged by Jim Stroup. This has been ongoing for awhile but I enjoy it because its creates that “oh I didn’t know that about you” moment with your audience. This is a useful activity in both online and f2f classes as an ice breaker as well as team meetings especially when you have new members joining the team. I particularly like it for virtual team building as its easy, quick, and great bonding especially when its setup in a safe environment where there are no judgments and you are free to talk about yourself without fear of reprisals or that raised eyebrow. Once you’ve setup the parameters, then off you go talking about yourself. Here it goes ~

The rules:
Post these rules before you give your facts.
1. List 8 random facts about yourself.
2. At the end of your post, choose (tag) 8 people and list their names, linking to them.
3. Leave a comment on their blog, letting them know they’ve been tagged.

Robin’s Random Facts:
1. Grew up with cats though I will soon be looking for a puppy at the pound
2. I enjoy watching Saturday morning cartoons
3. I sometimes sneak out of bed to my home office in the middle of the night to blog
4. I write best when its quiet but I retain what I read best when I’m in the middle of a crowded noisy area like a coffee shop in Leicester Square or sitting at Starbucks at the NYC Grand Central Station
5. Retail therapy does work
6. I enjoy reading Harry Potter as much as the next guy and secretly wants JK to write Book 8
7. I’d rather see a comedy than a horror movie
8. Between Latte and Mocha from Starbucks, I’d go for a Latte

Now wasn’t that fun? Ok maybe to just some of you. The rest would not really care for the info above 🙂 …. anyway, try it at your next meeting and let me know what you think.

So my eight tags (sorry my friends) are: Shai, Jeffrey , Betsy, David, AJ, Rannie, Colin, Edwin. You’re it guys! Time to tell us your 8 random facts. Don’t let the meme die….

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