Move to WordPress or not?

wordpress.jpgDeciding on moving to WordPress or any other blogging software needs the same treatment as any other transition or change management project. Steve Rubel had a couple of questions on this last week which I’m sure many of you have faced as well as you decide on whether to stick with your current blog program or move to another. Personally I have been thinking of doing this myself not just for this blog but for my firm’s blog as well. I’ve been discussing this blog transition with my friends AJ Morris and Gabriel Mansour but have yet to decide on next steps because of many factors that need to be considered (and you may end up having similar issues as well):

mt.jpgOrganisational considerations
In thinking of moving from one blog programme to another, consider the politics within your firm. In my firm, if the consideration to move was all mine, then it would have been done already but I have other partners who have other thoughts on the matter. One of my partners Jeffrey Keefer, moved his personal site to WordPress recently so he could provide the rest of the partners valuable information before we actually move our site’s blog to another program.

Personal vs. Professional
In understanding the dynamics of organisational politics, with a closer look one can determine if a naysayer’s comments are fueled by a personal or a professional agenda. Organisational agendas aside, personal cliques, cache, power, position/rank, are all factors that will make your transition successful or not. Organisational clout can be a powerful ally if leveraged appropriately.

Blog specific questions you need to consider:
Will you import all your blog entries to your new blog program or not? Will you be using the same domain name while you’re at it or consider another? How about a subdomain instead? This blog for example is in a subdomain – so its rather than where my background and other info is located. When I decide to move to another program, wordpress for example, then I may decide to install it on the main domain so its the first one to be read and then links to the subdomain for accessing old entries.

Page ranks and blog directories
This brings me to page ranks. For those who are looking at Technorati, BlogFlux, Google authorities and rankings everyday (yes you know who you are), this is a strong consideration. Depending on how you’d like to proceed with your domain, subdomain or totally new domain name decision, this will be affected.

The URL of your entries will change if you import old entries to the new blog program. This is what I heard from a colleague when I mentioned about this transition. Should you leave old entries where they are now and just consider moving to a new domain name? Should your new entries be in a subdomain instead? These are questions you would need to consider.

Comments, Photos and other Apps
Jeffrey indicated that his comments were not appropriately exported from Movable Type to WordPress. Our more technical friends would be able to do this without a problem so if you are not as tech saavy or your firm does not have the competency for this kind of work consider setting aside extra budget for this. The range can be as little as $300 to as much as thousands depending on the amount of work and the complexity of the transition project.

With I continue to mull about this transition because it will take a couple of hours from my work time into working with technology folks, time which mean a trade-off for me, so maybe one of my partners can take on this project instead.

How about you? Have you considered moving from one blogging program to another? What were your challenges and successes? Post your comments here.

3 comments to Move to WordPress or not?

  • But i want to tell that this is extremely helpful, Thanks for taking your time to write this. and Happy new Year!

  • I seem to be making more progress with this. All my comments seems to be there now, and most things I imported appear to be working fine (yet my archives are a little funky). Hopefully the WordPress forums will help!

  • I have spent a lot of time moving posts over and am still in need of a lot of tweaking. While I have already spent more hours than I thought it would take, the biggest surprise is that I was able to do it all myself. Yes, I used some technical support and will certainly use some more; but the main difference is that I did it all myself. With MT, I used 2 developers and still never got the site to work as I wanted it to. I am already ahead of where I thought I would be!