Picking up your litter is hip

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Do these advertisements made you look twice? I did. I was in Windsor Ontario and saw these ads in downtown especially along the river and I thought, do they get a lot of litter so they had to do something that would catch the attention and remind the pedestrians as well as the vehicle passengers not to throw on the ground? Or do they want to make sure that the Windsor side is well preserved considering the amount of traffic they would get being a border city?

What I liked about this advertisement is the choice of words. It’s hip. It’s now. It’s colloquial. I got it but would all visitors get it as well?litter is beneath you The extremes of going for the “cool factor” in these marketing opportunities rely on a clear understanding of audience reaction and in this case, the audience who would most likely litter, whom the advertisement would target. Would I be a target because I liked the ad, would Overlooking Detroit River & Skylinemy niece of 15 yrs of age be the audience or would both of us? Would the target be the ones who grew up in large metropolitan cities, those who grew up in the country, or both? Would financial class status be a consideration in a public service advertisement like this? What measurements will be used to determine effectiveness of these ads, apart from a cleaner city? [Would getting traction in the local news be part of that measurement?] These are just some of the many many questions one can come up when identifying what is the most appropriate method of connecting to one’s audience.

How about you? What type of advertisement messages do you send? Have you been able to target the right audience or your desired audience? How have you measured your advertisement’s success? Post your thoughts here.

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