Clean ups and Starting Over

357969788_abe7ae8795_m.jpgA colleague of mine emailed me with “The sky is falling, the sky is falling” thinking that it might provide levity to the events that recently affected equipment and furniture at the office. Not in the best of moods, I was not laughing… until now. Our offices are finally back in order but what is interesting to me is that painters, work crew, and plumbers do not really clean up after themselves properly. Do you agree? Or maybe not to our standards.

We all have our way of fixing things just a bit so that, to us, looks perfect. The way our tables are properly aligned with the parquet or the way the room rugs are diagonal to the North wall are one of the many quirks that we all have. Albeit respect for our internalized requirements, general cleanup as commonly understood in business, and mostly as common courtesy, are part of any outsource’s job. Again, my question to you, do you agree?

I asked this because as contractors we all have our ways of figuring out what “clean up” is supposed to be. We are hired to provide professional expertise and as such may shake up a couple of tried-and-tested processes that after a couple of years may not always work considering future additional projects, resources, technology and other considerations by upper management; thus the need for organisational strategists. Although we do clean up, our perception of what is clean may not be that of our clients. So my thought on this is to ask “Was the cleanup up to your standards and are you satisfied?” or something to that effect. I know it sounds simple but why is it that my painter or plumber left much of the ceiling’s debris on our floors after picking up their drop cloths? Was that sufficient clean up? If they asked, maybe the client would say no. Without asking, the presumption and the frustration ensued; something that could have been avoided.

Nonetheless, our office is back to normal and we’re back in business. A little hiccup but its all part of operating an enterprise. Hope your weekend was less dusty.

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