It’s been a crazy busy week, how was your week?

So its been a crazy busy week for me. How about you?
I too fall into the trap of saying how busy my life is and therefore everything else should stop and have to wait for me. I know that this is not how the world works but at least in my little world I try to have some form of control. That includes when to blog, what to blog, where am I when I’m blogging. But schedules, state of mind and body, family and career always battle for priorities. But if its something we are passionate about, we find time, right? At least that’s what my mom used to say.
So what is your schedule like next week? Do you make sure you allot time to read materials outside your normal set of resources to expand your knowledge? I was a dinner with a friend last night and she said that she is now alloting at least 30 minutes per day to read marketing blogs (marketing being her career focus) because she gets other people’s perspectives, new concepts, new methods out there. Its free so why not do it right? All we need to do is a bit of a schedule change.

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