Rebuzzing Ubiquity

I’m rebuzzing the word ‘ubiquity.’ Not the biblical omnipresence nor gnosticism meanings, but the business variant that reflects ever-presence of technology, process, system or in the case of this posting, blogs. I found out that the Yap 3.0 blog has been included in the personal development list of Pricilla Palmer and I thank her for adding me. Her list spawned contests and additional website listings by those originally named in her list. I enjoy reading (and taking part) in changing the landscape of business, training, certification, quality of products and services concurrent to one’s personal development as these movements show how shared knowledge can lead to better understanding of ourselves. I am rebuzzing ubiquity because you [the reader, blogger, writer, leader, teacher, manager, and the ever-present you ], the ubiquitous you, are the catalyst of this movement. How?

Consider asking a question online in a threaded forum, a posting on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or any other network, and it will be responded to by your personal network of connections in a short period of time. Caveat of course presumes you have a large enough pool of actual connections that you can count on. Otherwise, it will be a bit of a shot in the dark. But its not the response that makes it ubiquitous, its the actual posting. Why? Because your question, posting, comment, suggestion, complaint, idea will always be available the moment you hit “enter”. My blog has been up 24/7 since I started typing my first entry, and thanks to its ubiquity, Pricilla was able to locate it and I’m quite happy with being included in her list.

So, should you be careful in stating your thoughts online? Not any more careful than what you verbally say to anyone, I think.

Pricilla Palmer’s Personal Development List along with my additions:
Aaron Potts at Today is That Day
Adam Alexander at Adam’s Peace
Adam Kayce at Monk at Work
Adam Khoo at Adam Khoo’s Philosophies and Investing Insights
AgentSully at Life Learning Today
Al at
Alan Torres at Made to Be Great
Alex Shalman at
Alexander Kjerulf at The Chief Happiness Officer
Alexys Fairfield at Unraveling The Spiritual Mystique
Albert Foong at
Alvaro at Sharp Brains Blog
Amber at Amber Waves
Amber at Random Mangus
Amie Ragan at Psychology of Clutter
Amit Sodha at The Power of Choice
Amy Hedin at There is no Maximum to Human Potential
Andrea Learned at Learned on Women
Andrea J. Lee at Money, Meaning, and Beyond
Andrew Brunelle at Andrew
Andy Wibbels at
Anita Pathik Law at Power of Our Way
Anmol Mehta at
Anna Farmery at The Engaging Brand
Antonio Thornton at
April Groves at Making Life Work For You
Argancel at C’eclair (for those who speak french)
Ariane Benefit at Neat & Simple Living
Ash aka Mr. Biggs at One Powerful Word
Ashley Cecil at The Painting Activist
Ask Lucid at Ask Lucid Spiritual Development
BK Diva at Bklyn’s Finest
Barb Melloh at The Law of Attraction Info
Barbara Curtis at Mommy Life
Barbara Sliter at Creatorship
Belle Wong at Abundance Journal
Ben Yoskovitz at Instigator Blog
Benjamin at WOWNDADI
Beth at Butterfly Thoughts
Bill Perry at Lucid Blog
Billy Smith at The Organic Leadership Blog
Blogfuse at LifeDev
Brad Isaac at Achieve It
Brian Clark at Copyblogger
Brian Kim at
Brian Lee at
Brightfeathers at this time-this space
Brooke at Plain Advice
Bob at everyeveryminute
Bolly at Motivational Corner
Boston Gal at Boston Gal’s Open Wallet
Byron Katie at Byron
Cam Beck at ChaosScenario
Cara Lumen at The Success Magnets With Cara Luman and Your Second Wind Blog
Carlon Haas at Possess Less Exist More
Carol Skolnick at Soul Surgery
Catherine Carter at Continuum Wellness
Cheif Family Officer at Cheif Family Officer
Chris Brogan at Chris
Chris Cree at SuccessCREEations
Chris Marshall at Martial Development
Chris Melton at
Chris Owen at Pink Apple
Christine Kane at
Christine Valters Painter at Abbey of the Arts
Christy Z at Totally Fabulous
Clyde at Feeling Good
Colin Beavan at No Impact Man
Colleen Wainwright of Communicatrix
Conceive, Believe, Achieve at Conceive, Believe, Achieve
Confessing at 7Confessions
Cooper at Wonderland or Not
Crabby McSlacker at Cranky Fitness
Craig Harper at Motivational Speaker
Craze at Crazedreamer’s Thoughts
Curt Rosengren at Occupational Adventure
Cyres at Cyres Matters
Damian Carr at Soul Terminal
Daniel Sitter at Idea Sellers
Danny Kohn at Be Inspired Everyday
Darlene Siddons at Spirited Boutique
Darren Rowse at
Dave Pollard at How to Save the World
Dave Schawbel at The Personal Branding Blog
Dave Schoof at Engaging the Disquiet
Davers at Language Trainers Blog
David Allen at The David Allen Company
David Bohl at Reflections on Balance
David Finch at David
David Richeson at 360 Degree Success
David Rogers at How to Have Great Self Confidence
David Seah at David
David Zinger at Slacker Manager
Dawn Vinson at Daydreaming on Paper
Dawud Miracle at
Daylle Deanna Schwartz at Lessons from a Recovering Doormat
Dean Lacono at Law of Attraction for Beginners
Deb at Mind Body and Solar
Deb2012 at Fibromaylgia and Wellness
Debbie Call at Spirit In Gear
Debbie LaChusa at 10 Step Marketing Collection
Deborah aka Zephry1 at Climate of Our Future
Debra Moorhead at Debra
Denise Mosawi at
Devlyn Steele at Tools To Life Guide
Dick Richards at Come Gather Round
Dominic Tay at Personal Development for Winners
Don Simkovich at Hey Don
Donald Latumahina at Life Optimizer
Donna Karlin at Perspectives
Donna Steinhorn at Rethinking
Douglas Eby at Talent Development Resources
Dr. Charles Parker at The Core Psych Blog
Dr. Hal at Northstar Mental fitness blog
Dr. Michael Shea at From Pain to Personal Gain
Dr. Tim Sharp at The Happiness Institute
Drew Rozell at Drew
Dwayne Melancon at Genuine Curiosity
E Murphy at The Active Life
Edward Mills at Evolving Times
Edward Smith at Bright Moment
Edith Yeung at Dream Think Act
Elizabeth Badurina at Modern Gypsy
Elle Mgee at Ever Hopeful, Ever Thankful
Ellen Weber at Brain Based Business
Ellesse at Goal Setting College
Elly Jolly at Jolly Life Coaching
Emily G. W. Lilly at The Science of Waldorf Education
Emmanuel Lopez at The Adventures of Motivatorman
Enoch Tan at Mind Reality
Eric Napier at Quotation Collection
Erin Pavlina at Erin
Ev Nucci at My Life is Murphy’s Law
Evelyn Lim at Attraction Mind Map
Evelyn Rodriguez at Crossroads Dispatches
Evolving Excellence at Evolving Excellence
Farouk Radwan at 2KnowMySelf
Frank at Re/Transformation
Frank Kanu at Frank Uncovers Excellence in Leadership
Frank Roche at KnowHR Blog
Galba Bright at Tune Up Your EQ
Garr Reynolds at Presentation Zen
Gary at Personal Strategic Plan
Gerri at Absolutely True
Gilad Buchman at Sigsug
Gleb Reys at Personal Development Ideas
Grayson at Modern Worker Blog
Greg Butler at
Greg Frost at
Geoff R at
George Vasu at 360
Golbguru at Money, Matter, and More Musings
Gretchen Rubin at Happiness Project
Gustav at
Guy Kawasaki at How to Change the World
Gyanish at Diethack
Halina Goldstein at The Inner Travel Journal
Hilda Carroll at Living Out Loud
Heather Goldsmith at A Creative Journal
Helgi Pall Einarsson at Everyday Wonderland
Henrik Edberg at The Positivity Blog
Holly Sumner at The Abundance Place
Honman at Open Your Mind to Prosperity
Hueina Su at Intensive Care for the Nurturer’s Soul
Ilyria at Finding Norway
Inkedmn at The Cranking Widgets Blog
Isabella Mori at MoriTherapy
Itzy Sabo at Email Overloaded
JC at Job Life Upgrade
Jacin Steele at Jacin
Jack Vinson at Knowledge Jolt with Jack
Jackie at The Painted Veil
Jackie Ford at The Vegan Diet
Jacklyn Ker at Inspiring and Empowing Lives
Jarle Husefest at The Personal Development Blog
Jason and Michael at Black Belt Productivity
Jason Ivers at A Miracle a Day
Jason Womack at Fit and Effective
Jay White at dumb little man tips for life
Jean Browman at Transforming Stress Into Power and Cheerful Monk
Jeane Michelle Culp at Binding Ink
Jeanne May at Aspirations Plus
Jeannette Maw at Good Vibe Coaching
Jeanie Marshall at Empowerment and Meditation Blog and DailyAffirm: Positive Affirmations Day by Day
Jeff Davidson at Breathing Space Blog
Jeffrey Keefer at Silence And Voice
Jeff Lilly at Druid Journal
Jeffrey Phillips at Think Faster
Jennifer at Goodness Graciousness
Jennifer Mannion at Heal Pain Naturally
Jenny Ryan at Using My Powers For Good
Jenny and Erin at Jenny and Erin
Jeremiah Owyang at Web Strategy by Jeremiah
Jerry Hart at Blue Print to emarketing
Jerry Lopper at Personal Growth
Jessa at
Jessica Hagy at Indexed
Jim Stroup at Managing Leadership
Jim Walton at Black In Business
JoLynn Braley at The Fit Shack
Joan Schramm at Accelerating Momentum
Joanna Young at Coaching Wizardry
Joanne at I’m Happy Fish
JodeeB at You Already Know This Stuff
Joe Vitale at Dr. Joe Vitale at Zero
John Chow at John Chow Dot Com
John Pratt at John Pratt International
John Place at John Place Online
John W. McKenna at The Leadership Epidemic
John Wesley at Pick The Brain
Jon at Join The Secret
Jon King at The Effective Life
Jon Willis at Self Happiness
Jonathan at Smart Wealthy Rich and Freelance Folder
Jordan at The Abe Blog
Jory Des Jardin at Pause: Meaningful Work
Josh Bickford at Reach For Magnificence and Reach for Magnificence
Josh Kaufman at The Personal MBA
Joshua Denny at Catalyst for Change
Judy Martin at The Work/Life Monitor
Julia Rogers Hamrick at Julia’s Blog: Journal of the Journey Home to Eden
Julie Bonner at Declutter It
Kailani at An Island Review
Kammie Kobyleski at Passion Meets Purpose
Kara-Leah Masina at Be Conscious Now
Karen at Journey with Water Learner
Karen Lynch at Live The Power
Karen Wallace at The Clearing Space
Karl Moore at Karl
Karl Staib at Karl
Kat House
Kathy Mallary at Coaching Biz Tips
Keith Ferrazzi at Never Eat Alone
Kelly at Kellymentology
Ken Dow and Martin Cooper at Creativity Happens
Kenton Whitman at
Kevin Kinchen at Creative Power of Thought
Killeris at Attitude, The Ultimate Power
Kim and Jason at Escape Adulthood
Kim George at Doing What You Can Do
Kimber Chin at Client K
Kirk Nugent at Kirk
Kirsten Harrell at Ipopin
Krishna De at Biz Growth News and Todays Women in Business
Kristen King at Lively Women
K.L. Masina at Be Conscious Now
LJW at Heavenly Inclinations
Lauchlan Mackinnon at Think Differently
Laura at Orgjunkie
Lawrence Cheok at A Long, Long Road
Laura Young at The Dragon Slayer’s Guide to Life
Leah Maclean at Working Solo
Leigh at The Lab
Lee Nutter at bmindful
Leo Babauta at Zen Habits
Liara Covert at Dream Builders
Life Reflection at Universe in a Single Atom
Lilifixt at Feel Happy
Lillie Ammann at A Writers Words, An Editor’s Eye
Linda Salazar at Awaken The Genie Within
Lisa Braithwaite at Speak Schmeak
Lisa Gates at Design Your Writing Life
Lisa Haneberg at Management Craft
Lisa McGlaun at LifePrints – Good News for a More Compassionate World
Lisa Mills at Work at Home Mom Revolution
Lisa Q at 40s Singleness-Dating in Your 40s
Lisa Van Allen at Finish Strong
Liz at Internet Marketing Strategies
Liz Strauss at Successful Blog
Lodewijkvdb at How to be an Original
Lola Fayemi at Real World Spiritual and Personal Development
Lori Grant and Debbie at Smart Lemming
Lorie Marrero at The Clutter Diet Blog
Lorraine Cohen at Powerfull Living
Luciano Passuello at
Lucid at Spiritual Suggestions
Lumosity at Brain Health Blog
Lyman Reed at Creating a Better Life
Lyndon Antcliff at and
Lynn McTaggert at Living The Field
Lynne Morrell at Lynn and Musings From The Edge
Madame X at My Open Wallet
Maddy at Illuminated Minds Want to Know
Malathy Badri at Laws of Universe
Malcolm Campbell at The Round Table
Manny at Success Books
Maria Gajewski at Never The Same River Twice
Maria Garcia at Get Organized Now
Maria Palma at The Good Life
Marianne Williamson at Journal
Marion at Herbal Connection
Marilyn Jenett at Feel Free to Prosper and Feel Free to Prosper Ryze Network
Mark at The Naked Soul
Mark Forster at Get Everything Done
Mark LaPierre at The Winding Path
Mark McManus at Build Your Life To Order
Mark W Shead at Productivity 501
Martin Avis at Kickstart Daily
Mary K at Becoming Your StellarSelf
Matthew Cornell at Matt’s Idea Blog
Meg Haworth at Life Lessons From Your Soul
Melanie Benson Strick at The Success Blog
Merlin Mann at 43 Folders
Michelle at aMusing My Genius
Michelle Moore at Happiness Blog
Michael Port at The Think Big Revolution
Michael Vanderdonk at TOACH Performance
Mike Janssen at Opgestroopte Mouwen
Mike Kemski at BANABU
Mike St. Pierre at The Daily Saint
Millionaire Mommy Next Door at Millionaire Mommy Next Door
Mimi Lennox at Mimi Writes
Mizzy Bohemia at Miz BoheMia’s Rhapsody
Mona Grayson at Question The Mind
Monte Ladner at Fitness Rocks
Moneymonk at Moneymonk
Mr.Wang at Mr Wang Says So
MsJayy at Jackie Young Writes
My Everyday Planner at My Everyday Planner
My Mind on Books at My Mind on Books
Mystical Monkey at One Mystical Monkey
NCN at No Credit Needed
Nancy Mills at The Spirited Woman
Nancy Tierney at Unconditional Confidence
Neal Donald Walsh at Conversations With God
Neil Patel at Quick Sprout
Nic Askew at Monday 9AM Blog
Nick Smith at Life 2.0
Nneka at Balanced Life Center
Organize-It at Organize-It
Pamala Slim at Escape From Cubicle Nation
Pamm Larry at My Secret Spiritual Dance
Patricia Klingler at Remarkable Women Speak
Patricia Singleton at Spiritual Journey of a Lightworker
Patti Digh at 37 Days
Paul at Paul’s Tips
Paul Piotrowski at Self Help Wisdom
Paula Kawal at Paula
Peggy Payne at Peggy Payne’s Boldness Blog
Peter at I Will Change Your Life
Peter Aldin at Great Circle
Peter Haslem at Necessary Skills
Phil Gerbyshak at Make It Great
Philip J Eby at Dirt
Philippe Matthews at Shockwealth
Pia at Courting Destiny
Priscilla Palmer at Personal Development Demands Success
Priya Florence Shah at Soul Kadee
Quint Jensen at Win Your Mind
Raymond Salas at Zenchill Powertools
Real Modern Man at Real Modern Man
Reg Adkins at ElementalTruths
Ricardo at Wake Up Tiger
Rich Schefren at Strategic Profits
Rick Cockrum at Shards of Consciousness
Rick Cooper at The PDA Pro
Ririan at Ririanproject
Rob at 7Breaths
Rob Cooke at Leave the Office
Robert at Compassionate Council
Robert at Myselfdev
Robert Ashcroft at PDSS Online
Robin Skeen at Robin’s Reflections
Robin Yapp at Yapp 3.0
Robyn McMaster at Brain Based Biz
Roger Von Oech at Creative Think
Rolf F. Katzenberger at Evomend
Rosemary at Parkinson’s Disease and Peripheral Neuropathy
Rosa Say at Managing With Aloha Coaching
Ryan Marle at The Alpha Project
S.J. Yee at Personal Development for the Book Smart
Sam at Aquire Wisdom and Live with Passion
Scott Adams at The Dilbert Blog
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Scott McArthur at McArthur’s Rant
Secret Simon at The Secret of Life
Self Pursuit at Self Pursuit
Senia at Positive Psychology Coaching
Seth Godin at Seth’s Blog
2 Know My Self at 2KnowMySelf
Shane Navratil at Zoomstart
Shaun Boyd at
Shauna Arthurs at Breathing Prosperity and Follow Your Path
Shaheen Lakhan at GNIF Brain Blogger
Simone at Dynamic Living
Simone and Mandy at Outfit Inspirations
Single Ma at Single Ma’s Fabulous Financials
Slade Roberson at Shift Your Spirits and Spiritual Blogging
Sleeping Dude at How to Wake Up Early
Sonora Jayne Case at Positive Realities Coaching
Sophiagurl at Life is Just Around the Corner
Spike at Organize It
Stacy Brice at Virtualosophy
Start Up Coach at Take Charge of Your Life
Stephanie and Jeffrey at Brains on Purpose
Steve Beisheim at Jumping Ship Happens
Steve Grossman at Why I failed
Steve Harper at The Ripple Effect
Steve King at The Green Geek
Steve Moore at Personal Development Blog
Steve Olson at
Steve Pavlina at
Steve Roesler at All Things Workplace
Stephen at HD bizblog
Stephen Hopson at Adversity University
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Success Current at
Sue Ann Edwards at Always Embraces All Ways
Surjit at Gurushabad
Susan at Got2BeGreen
Susan R. Meyer at Life Work Cafe
Susan Sabo at Productivity Cafe
Susie at The Accidental Environmentalist
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Vickie at Contemplate This
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Winsome at Winsome Gunning Art Walk
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