Are you asking the right questions when interviewing a potential candidate?

327122302_bbc4a3935b_m.jpgIt’s hiring season. How do you determine if the person you are interviewing is the right one for the job? Do you ask standard questions that you may have read in a book? Do you ask questions that are written for you by in standard form you have to complete? Do you ask questions from your experience performing the job? Do you ask questions that are out of the ordinary not just to determine if the interviewee is paying attention but to determine how far would their mind reach to respond to a question?

I do all of the above and then some. Here’s why.

Standardized questions, in some organizations, are required. Required maybe by some government policy or just the company’s way of having a base starting point. Then there are questions that you may have read, this is to determine if the interviewee actually read those same books (there are only a handful of interviewing and questioning books out there anyway). I also ask out of this world questions because it shows innovation and creativity, if any, as well as the body language provides additional information that you cannot get with simple expected questioning. I also determine if they are trying to please me or actually telling me experiences that are evidence-based. Then there’s the usual banter that comes with follow up questions, clarifications, continuity, complex questions, and so forth.

When looking to hire the best of breed, ask best of breed questions. Otherwise someone who has been on a recruitment circuit would already know what to expect from you and a polished response does not always mean a polished employee right? Because the world is not always polished, there are hiccups, there are side steps, there are missteps, there are realities. Having someone able to navigate these and still continue in their stellar performance would be better qualified. So create those scenario questions so you get the one whom you think to be most honest, most real, and most hopefully appropriate for the job.

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