Heading to Sydney?

I’m still wanting to head to Sydney as my original plans back in the summer fell through due to illness (mine unfortunately). So now if I can carve some time for work in Asia, then I’m headed to Australia. I know I want to enjoy 360-degree open air views of Sydney from the roof of Sydney Tower so I checked for Sydney hotels ensuring I have WiFi or some form of internet connectivity so I could still continue my work. I want to check out the Sydney Aquarium so checking for a night or two with Darling Harbour Hotels was part of the plan. Then of course there’s the Bridgeclimb, Luna Park and if its not cold, swim under the Sydney Harbour Bridge so North Sydney Hotels would be a good idea. One of my closed friends used cheaperthanhotels.com and recommended me to check it out.

I used to tell my instructors to include mini-vacations on their travels especially when they head to new cities they’ve never been to. So I’m trying to do the same with my own travels. Maybe you want to incorporate the same discussion with your traveling consultants, instructors, contractors, or anyone in your staff who will be headed to a new city. Try it and let me know how that chat went.

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