Relax…. don’t be stressed… it’s only the transition phase

Demolition on Wellesley Street near subway stop A building on Wellesley Street [@Yonge next to the subway stop in Toronto] is currently being demolished. Crews are quickly breaking pieces of concrete to pave way for another construction. I asked one of the drivers what their technique is in getting this building down quickly and he said there are three options: Quickest is implosion but its pricey, break down the easy sections of the building like exit areas and the facade then the foundation, or go directly to the foundation and then the easy parts after. With the photo I’ve taken you can see that they choose the second option.

Demolition TruckWith transitions, the same analogy happens, do you (a) go for the Big Bang which is quick but could be pricey, do you (b) address the low hanging fruits first and then the foundational changes, or go for the (c) tough areas first and then the easy ones. Depending on your organisation, the population affected, the business disruption, the climate in your industry, and other factors to consider – any of these three options can happen.

All things being equal, I’d go for the second option as well. The Big Bang can be risky and I don’t suggest it at all. The third one can potentially put yourself up for strong challenges that may not bode well with a smooth transition that we all hope for. The second one creates champions and then there’s more leverage to head for the foundational changes because you’ve done your pilot and have had successes already, however minor they may seem against the overall transition project.

What options do you consider when you go through transitions? Post your comments here.

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