Review: Microsoft Zune 30GB

Thanksgiving sale. That’s what my niece and I were talking about today and since we’re 2k miles apart this year, we decided go on a virtual shopping trip instead. We headed to as she wanted to check out the latest Microsoft Zune 30GB digital media player. With headsets, video messaging and shared URLs, we were shopping. What did we find out? The player can hold 7500 songs, it’s housed in a slick black case, has high marks for sound and battery life (14 hours!) and I like the WIFI connectivity apart from usual USB. My niece liked the FM Stereo Tuner, 3 inch screen, and Zune to Zune connection (through WIFI) because her best friend has one. So although this sounds like a commercial, it seems like a great gift especially since the one we got was $100 (less than what I paid for my iPod). And my niece was proud to get it herself from her babysitting money.

How does this reflect what we do at work? Gift giving is in the minds of managers around this time of year and there are many opportunities for customizing your gifts to your employees. You don’t have to head to a store (do it online as its quicker, its open 24/7 and less crowded) and you can get this shipped directly to the employee without lifting a finger (ok maybe you need to write a handwritten card along with the gift but that’s a minor detail). I like shopping websites with URLs that are easy to remember and came to mind when we were deciding on our virtual shopping this afternoon and it looks like I gained “great uncle” marks along the way. Maybe it will gain you “good boss” marks if you do the same.

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  • I adore my ipod. I got it as soon as possible and dont repent it at all. Its so delicious to use and the technology is great. I use it most every day.