Leverage your dreams

294218008_37f1ae743c_m.jpgAfter a hearty Thanksgiving dinner, I guess it was natural to have a vivid dream. I wanted to make sure that I capture this information as dreams can be fleeting that I now have a notepad on my nightstand. The problem is that I can’t recognize my own scribbles probably because I’m still in that in-between sleeping/awake stage. So before tonight, I’ve started leaving my digital recorder as well and amazingly enough this morning’s dream state experience became fodder for an article I’m cowriting with my mom. If you leverage your dreams (one technique is called intentional dreaming], to generate ideas, to develop innovative approaches to a problem, or find creative solutions to mundane processes, how about figuring out what works best in capturing this data by experimenting with various modes – pen, digital recording mechanism, etc. I was trying to look for a mobile phone that is also a personal recorder but all I get is another equipment that records mobile phone conversations – not what I want for this exercise. [let me know if you know of a product that does this and I could review it]

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