Interested in joining ibstpi? We have openings

As a scholar-practitioner, the value of engaging in discussions and developing the next level of instruction to address new services, practices, products and procedures is always a good opportunity [but only IF you have the time and energy for the commitment]. Joining an organisation for the sake of joining and prestige is not the approach when it comes to volunteering to participate in any association’s activities. Niches are incestuous so it is important to make one’s mark appropriately.

An international board of standards that I’m part of is ibstpi The International Board of Standards for Training, Performance, and Instruction. We have three year terms renewable for three terms and currently we have vacancies. The process is to first participate in projects for at least three months once you’ve been voted into the programme and along the way determine fit for the next step which is to become a director with voting rights. Current projects include my research on online learner, reevaluation of the training manager competencies, maintenance of the instructional designer and intructor competencies and many more activities. Email me [robin AT robinyap DOT com] if you are interested. Before you send me your CV do check current director qualification so can get a feel of what they bring to the table – so along with your CV let me know why the board should consider you.

This thirty year old organisation developed standards in training, performance and instruction that included the beginnings of certifications like CompTIA’s CTT+. . Past Members of this organisation includes names you would recognize if you’re in the training field like Judy Hale, Jerry Gilley, Barbara Sorensen, Marguerite Foxon, Jan Visser, James Klein, Michael Spector and many more.

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