Happy Thanksgiving to my friends in the States


It’s interesting how holidays in the States affect businesses in other countries especially when companies you work for have offices in the country where the holiday is being celebrated. One of my clients had to move all meetings to next week since their New York counterparts are all on vacation. This would of course mean that all stakeholders – internal, external, partners, and clients – need to all be aware of the holidays so they don’t expect emails or voicemails to be returned within 24 hours when the other party is on holiday.

The globalization of organisations make this a bit more difficult when there is a need for the organisation to respect the holidays while at the same time balancing its global presence of being available 24/7. Depending on the type of company, this can potentially become a human resources task of both educating new employees of policies when it comes to holidays as well as payroll when it comes to double pay for hourly employees.

What policies do you have in place when it comes to holidays of offices outside your country? Post your thoughts on how processes should be in place to have a smoother transition between countries when it comes to tasks, projects, deadlines, and other activities of your organisation.

photo by bbum

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