Are you a coupon cutter?

Are you a coupon cutter? Online coupons provide a similar satisfaction to those who use coupons for their purchases. I’m not afraid to admit that I am a sucker for sales and I suggest using this especially for entrepreneurs who are setting up their businesses. Why not take advantage of a good sale? Nothing to be ashamed of right? It’s funds that you save, you can then use for other operational costs like electricity and hydro. Entrepreneurs have other funding requirements that can be quite different from larger organisations and since I consult both types of organisations, my strategies of course modify. The coupon cutters may be happy to note that online you can get anywhere from Dell coupons and HP coupons products to OfficeMax coupons and Best Buy coupons. I also suggest the same site for holiday gift giving choices for employees from companies like Target and

Are you a coupon cutter for the workplace, home or both? Do tell.

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