Don’t lose your childlike qualities


The blizzard over the weekend in Toronto meant very few brave souls were outdoors. When it seemed like the snow was calming down a bit, at around 930am, it was time to head out and get some coffee. Along the way I took a bunch of photos. At a day like this, in Manhattan’s Central Park you’d see artists creating ice sculptures and lots of snowmen pepper the park so at one quiet street, fresh powder called my inner child and I figured why not jump in? It was time for a snow angel that was not just for me but hope it would bring a smile or two to a passerby as well.

Weather has interesting effects on people. Some may feel a bit down when its dreary outside. Being the manager that I am where I would do what I can to create a work environment that is safe, fun, and alive with creativity and innovation, I also would do the same for when I’m not at the office; thus the snow angel idea. Of course I couldn’t get up as quickly as I would have 35 years ago but I still enjoyed the moment. At that instant I also had a flash of memory of my mom’s words “Life is a journey filled with unexpected memories.” During this holiday season, I hope you too remember your fun unexpected moments as they are truly memorable experiences.

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