Review: Wize

Have you seen Wize before? It’s a product review website. With thousands of new products released every year and disparate product reviews in various websites, its good to find one that aggragates them in one easily navigable format. With crowdsourcing, the buyer gets a picture of how a product stands from the point of view of the consumer as well as the expert.

There’s a ranking system that Wize uses based on product satisfaction scores based on the collective wisdom of the Web. As information and opinions are collected and normalized, the WizeRank algorithm produces a single score between 1 and 100 to give you a viewpoint on overall satisfaction. For example: Look at “color laser printer” and you will find the highest ranking one out there as of today. As you check out products for the upcoming year, check out their Wizeranking as well. It’s always good to use knowledge-based decision making processes.

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