Alphabet Gummies


In determining what’s a fun activity that is out-of-the-box, one idea is to look at everyday items and see if there is a correlation you can make between that item and your learning objectives. If so, how can you incorporate it in class so that it does not look like it was forced but actually transitioned properly to a learning engagement activity. So while at a brainstorming exercise, I realized that we were all munching our little snacks and I took this photo and said, “how about using these alphabet gummies?” We were developing an exercise that was full of acronyms anyway and these alphabets will work well.

As I kid, I remembered games that my mom used to incorporate in my study time at home so I could memorize whatever it was I needed to remember for an exam. So, for example, I was to remember the 10 highest mountains in the world, she would create small mounds out of whatever dish we had that night and I had to name the mountains before I could munch on the mound. There was an immediate gratification from the good response and fear of not getting to the good mound meant flexing my memory synapses.

With that memory came this idea of using what we were snacking on. Initially there was excitement until comments like “what happens to those who are ultra health conscious?”, “you need to make sure people don’t touch the gummies,” “will they eat the gummies afterwards” or “what if they eat it before you even start the activity?” immediately dampened the idea as quickly as the build up. But the resulting product turned out to still be good – we ended up using cut out letters that achieved the same learning goal as when the gummies were thought to be involved.

So why post this today? Because one of my colleagues asked “Where do you come up with these games?” and I figured some of you may be asking the same question. My exercises come from a variety of sources: memories of childhood activities, games we played with our peers, activities that worked from previous workplace environments, those we’ve learned in school, maybe learning activities we’ve imagined and now have the chance to experiment with. The classroom is only as fun as you create it so whenever you have the chance to build your own activities, create those that are fun for you as well because we all know that we learn as much, if not more, from our students too.

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