Hohe Domkirche’s Branding Model

Hohe Domkirche Cathedral Cologne Germany

This was my first time in Cologne, Germany and thought I’d check out the famous Hohe Domkirche cathedral. This World Heritage site is one of the largest Gothic churches in Northern Europe. With an interior volume of 407,000 m³, one can feel its presence the moment you pass the subway doors to view its towers. I’m always interested in determining how one’s church can be more popular than another, not just the obvious collections like the Shrine of Three Kings, or the religious population of the landscape it occupies. What else does this attraction do to make it continually popular through the ages?

One of them is their branding model. They will add their logo everywhere! From the video below you’ll find them branding religious items, clothes (tshirts and bags), then computer related items (mouse pads), then household items (vases, plates, cookie cutter), accessories (pens), and many others. What interested me most was an ashtray which sends different kinds of messages to the Catholic population who pilgrimage to this church and the tourists who join them. Is it because smoking is de rigeur even in churches? Is it smoking is ok for the churchgoing? What does it say to you? There will others those who will look at this and may not be as excited about how far the branding has gone. Others may simply say it is part of a collection of items that every tourist shoppe sells. What do you think? Post your comments below.

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