TOP 10 TIPS for your Business Ready FACEBOOK presence

Did you see my Facebook status? This seems to be of late an almost daily question that is as common as how are you doing?. The closer that individual is to you, the more the question becomes relevant. Saves on phone call costs or face-to-face revelations, I guess.

For B2B or C2B relationships, wouldn’t we want to know more about the company we will be working with? Either as business partner, a consumer, a stockholder, the more we know about the organization we’ll soon have a connection with, the better it is right? At least that’s what I did before I accepted a job at my current company – I researched not just their usual Hoovers and Dunn&Bradstreet sites but also Facebook, Twitter, and more.

As an organization, what better way to speak your voice than to have a presence in these social networks. Rather than just reading other people’s comments about your organization, I would suggest not just relying on your own website to respond to these comments but directly have a presence in the very forum that other people comment on. For those who are still on the fence about having a presence in these social networks, start with the big ones like Facebook. I’ve put together your top 10 must-do so as you can have a business ready presence on Facebook. I’ve also added a donation link for those kind souls reading this who are interested in getting more quick tips like this from me here. Thanks and enjoy the material.



PS If you have additional points for the next iteration of this document, do email this to me so I could update this living document.

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