Educational Technology Terminologies

A colleague of mine, Dr. Marcie Bober-Michel, from ibstpi, chairs the Educational Technology Department at San Diego State University and their team developed this Encyclopedia of Educational Technology that I think is very useful for learning professionals. In scanning the list of terminologies, think of these questions and post your thoughts here:

* What . . . → Read More: Educational Technology Terminologies

Budapest’s Funzine Advertisement Idea

Being on the lookout for new or revisited old school ideas from various sources that can be incorporated into training materials, I found this advertisement from a Budapest magazine intriguing. What do you think of this add-on? And can this be incorporated into a training material? If you said yes to the latter, what . . . → Read More: Budapest’s Funzine Advertisement Idea

Idea from Jersey Boys’ Postcard Marketing

Saw Jersey Boys’ (Musical about the Four Seasons) in Toronto recently and got this postcard along with the show’s playbill. Enjoyed the show and got an idea from the postcard. What similar ideas have come your way lately? Post it here.

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